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My passion is empowering visionary entrepreneurs to thrive using tools that simplify their business journey.

One of the main reasons why I enjoy my work so much and why I am willing to invest most of my time in it is the feeling of freedom. Freedom is an important fuel for a creative visionary to perform at a superior level.

I don’t see freedom as anarchy. I still report to our clients, but our relationship with them is equal. Because the greatest reward for my efforts is the client’s praise, my dependence on the client as the job assignor is balanced. The client benefits by receiving a solution that goes beyond the grey average.

I had a few short years in corporate and although it was a positive experience, I knew my place was in a company where I could make decisions and have a significant impact on the bottom line.

My motivation to deliver above-standard results is driven by my admiration for all entrepreneurs who undertake the adventure of delivering high value to their customers. I enjoy working with visionaries who are continuously working to improve their companies, automate, have great relationships with their colleagues, and have a pro-growth dynamic in their companies built on the pursuit of higher goals than just making money.

The freedom-loving visionary is a rare breed. I’m fortunate to work for several of them. I get up every day thinking about how to further advance their business. How to help them stay on the cutting edge and innovate, bringing the latest in the world of information technology, business tactics or ways to acquire new customers.

The creative freedom to build company tools is paying off. We work for a number of companies that are leaders in their fields. We implement innovations that others can only dream of. For example, we were pioneers in integrating email communication into CRM systems, such a solution was ready in 2000. We were awarded in an international competition for the most beautiful CRM. I see the beauty not only in the appearance of the application, but in the internal sophistication. Recently, we have been pushing our clients in the use of artificial intelligence. A robot has been helping our clients write emails for almost a year now. In just a short time, our clients will be able to control their businesses with other smart AI assistants.

When considering whether or not to bring investors into the company to enhance our growth, we’ve been fortunate enough to self-fund our platform’s development, thus steering clear of the potential pitfalls associated with external investment. A recent survey revealed that merely 22% of software founders would opt for their investors again, underscoring the inherent risks. The introduction of investors can prompt significant shifts in product strategy or even lead to its discontinuation, potentially conflicting with our clients’ best interests.

If you’re on the journey and considering starting a business or deciding whether to continue with it, remind yourself of its value to you. If, like us, you are working to ensure that the investment in your product or service is the best investment your client can make in the business, then you are destined for success.


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