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Trust: The Anchor of Business Success and Life Happiness

If I were to be evaluated by a psychologist, they might deduce that my emphasis on trust stems from my childhood experiences. I struggled with my father, a man who rarely kept his promises. He isn’t a villain by any means – he would commit to everything and had every intention of delivering, but regrettably, his optimism often didn’t translate into action. This issue became so significant that it resulted in over a decade of severed ties.

Since then, any indication of unreliability in others is a red flag for me. I’m personally petrified of failing when it comes to trustworthiness. I strive to be transparent and dependable for those around me. This approach sometimes costs our company quite a bit and, typically, we don’t turn a profit on the first project.

We invest in our customers and their satisfaction. But on reflection, perhaps that’s more of a rationalization. More accurately, we invest in the act of keeping my promises, so I don’t have to endure the embarrassment of failing to deliver on projects. When negotiating a new project, as a visionary product manager, I envision the ideal solution for the customer. Then I have to bear the responsibility of turning that vision into reality.

This brings me to my first tip to avoid disappointment when delivering projects – promise less and deliver more. The silver lining here is that all these visionary solutions, crafted over 22 years, have consolidated into a platform now utilized by leaders in their fields. So in the long run (albeit after a substantial time), it has paid off.

Stephen M.R. Covey wrote a very insightful book on this subject, titled “The Speed of Trust“. To summarize, when trust exists in relationships, such as within a team or between businesses, customers, and suppliers, operations move more smoothly and swiftly due to fewer obstacles. With the gift of trust, you’re free to run your race without constantly checking if someone is trying to trip you up.

Honesty, integrity, competence, consistency, empathy, respect, reliability, open and transparent communication, accountability, and shared values – all these attributes contribute to the growth of trust. Cultivate these qualities, surround yourself with people who meet these criteria, and your business will thrive.


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